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Genetics Webquest

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Genetics Webquest


This webquest has been designed to introduce you to many of the topics contained within the specialty of GENETICS.  Use this resource to aid you as you prepare for the Pennsylvania Biology Keystone Examination.





photo of Gregor Mendel


The Ultimate Genetics Webquest


The directions to complete the Ultimate Genetics Webquest can be downloaded using the above link (or the document below).  You do not need to print the directions in order to submit them to you teacher. They were designed to remain as an electronic document so that you may follow the links as you read the directions.


Biology I: The Ultimate Genetics Webquest





  drawings of red, pink, and white primrose flowers illustrating the effects of genotypes on phenotypes: red is homozygous dominant, pink is heterozygous, and white is homozygous recessive for the gene that controls color in primroses   



Your Genes, Your Health Logo 


The Ultimate Genetics Webquest Answer Sheet


CALM DOWN!!! This is not a sheet containing the answers for the webquest, this is a sheet for you to print so that you may write down your answers to the questions found within the webquest.  This document will be submitted to your teacher for assessment.  The document can be downloaded using the link above (or the document below).


Biology I: The Ultimate Genetics Webquest Answer Sheet



Tip: Once you clink on a link to download a particular document, you will be redirected to a second page.  This new page will state that their is no preview for the selected document.  In order to view the document you need to download the document.  You will see the tab to Download the document above the title of the webpage, to the right of the View tab.




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