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Ecology Webquest

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Ecology Webquest


These webquests have been designed to introduce you to many of the topics contained within the specialty of ECOLOGY.  Use these resources to aid you as you prepare for the Pennsylvania Biology Keystone Examination.


Ecology Webquest Section Links

Ecological Core Concepts


Ecology is the study of organisms and their interactions among each other and their environment.  This webquest will introduce you to many of the concepts central to the science of ecology.  These concepts include levels of organization within an ecosystem, disturbances and extinction.



Energy in the Ecosystem


From the birds and the bees, to the fish in the sea, every organism can be connected to another organism through trophic structure.  This webquest will take you through ecological concepts such as autotrophs, food webs and the "Rule of 10."



Symbiosis & Species Interactions


When ecologists talk about species interactions, they are talking about how organisms in the same community interact with one another.  This webquest was designed for you to learn more about these symbiotic relationships.


The Cycling of Materials


When scientists talk about cycles, they are talking about sequences of events that repeat themselves.  In ecology, these cycles are referred to as biogeochemical cycles.  This webquest has been designed for you to examine the water cycle, carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle.





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