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Welcome to the Official  





Haverford High School

Biology Keystone Exam

Resource Page 

Haverford High School

200 Mill Road

Havertown, PA 19083

(610) 853-5900 Ext. 5900 



Haverford Biology Department Contacts:    

Ms. Goetz

email: kgoetz@haverfordsd.net

Mr. Howe

email: jhowe@haverfordsd.net

Ms. Marshall

email: mmarshall@haverfordsd.net
 Ms. Mortland email: rmortland@haverfordsd.net
Mr. O'Donnell email: odonnell@haverfordsd.net
Mrs. Oleykowski email: joleykowski@haverfordsd.net
Dr. Pollard email: vpollard@haverfordsd.net
Mr. Seifert email: eseifert@haverfordsd.net


Biology Keystones are scheduled for May 22 and 23

Best of Luck to all of our test takers.  Everyone has put in a lot of work over the semester, you should be confident in your knowledge.



(the category headings contain the link to direct you toward the appropriate resource)


General Keystone Examination


(from PDE's Website)

Biology Keystone Resources

(from Haverford High School's Website)


Ecology  Genetics Evolution





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